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What Admin Permission(s) do I need to check in order for someone to have the Import Settings and Export Settings buttons on the Home page of TDAdmin?  I would like to enable this in the Sandbox environment for one of our programmers for testing we are doing.  Their current perms are below and they don't have access to import or export data through those buttons (the buttons don't appear at all for them).

Admin Permissions

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Asked by Steve Blackburn on Wed 11/27/19 2:40 PM
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Steve Blackburn Thu 12/5/19 9:49 AM Last edited Thu 12/5/19 9:50 AM

The individual is a Programmer who will be responsible for our automated People import.  We'll be using the People import utility for that but was looking for the option to give him this access to import People for testing in Sandbox, and possibly for error handling in Production.  From what I can tell the only People records that can be imported through TDNext are Customer records, which won't help for error handling. 

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The File format for the BE import is going to be different than that required by the API import endpoint, so I'm not sure that would be helpful honestly. The Headers are different, it only creates (does not update), and it does not even have the same amount of field support. It would be more useful to simply make up a small sample batch file, then submit that to your Sandbox environment and see how it turns out. - Mark Sayers Thu 12/5/19 11:19 AM

Mark Sayers Wed 11/27/19 3:15 PM

Hello Steve,

What is he going to be using it for? The main reasoning for having that access originally was for importing Locations/rooms because there wasn't an option to do it via the tool. However, the tool *does* have that ability now, and we recommend using that primarily if that is the items that are needing imported.

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