Ticket Attachments?

where do ticket attachments go in a file folder? 

Are the attachments deleted when a ticket is moved to another applications?

can they be recoved if they were not downloaded before being moved to another application?


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Asked by Kevin Cook on Fri 11/22/19 1:03 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 11/22/19 1:34 PM

Hi Kevin,

The attachment will stay with the ticket, yes. You can still download it from the ticket after it has been moved to the new ticketing app.

I'm not sure what you are asking by the first question, so if you still are wondering about that I'll need to ask if you can clarify your question a bit further there.

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This is not the case for the ticket that we just moved from one application to another. My question is can i browse to the hard drive of the application server and find the folder structure of where the attachments are saved? - Kevin Cook Fri 11/22/19 1:36 PM
i just did a test and the attachment went with ticket when i move that ticket.
what happens to child tickets if a ticket had them when it is moved applications?
- Kevin Cook Fri 11/22/19 1:46 PM
It *should* break the child/parent relationship as the child tickets are not also being moved over in the same move transaction. - Mark Sayers Fri 11/22/19 1:54 PM
i found this same thing. with the parent child relationship. can a parent be in another applicaiton?
also can attachments me found in a folder structure?
- Kevin Cook Fri 11/22/19 2:06 PM
Parent tickets must reside in the same ticketing app as the children you're hoping to add under them. I don't know on the second part I'll have to check. - Mark Sayers Fri 11/22/19 2:46 PM
If you can go ahead and submit a Support ticket request, we can further assist with the file location information. Thanks Kevin! - Mark Sayers Fri 11/22/19 2:54 PM