Have permissions on projects changed since version 11?

Hi there,

Some PM's here have said that they noticed that they can update projects where they are not the PM where before version 11 they could not. For example, in TDNext, if they run a report (in Analysis) showing all active projects, they can pick one that they are not involved with and there is an 'update' button at the top of the screen. Is this a bug?

I also noticed that before, I could never look at the detailed Plans for projects unless I was the PM. Now, I can see the details.

Is this a bug with version 11?





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Asked by Joe Allen on Fri 11/1/19 11:25 AM
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Joe Allen Tue 11/5/19 10:11 AM

Hi Marcus,

We still think that something has changed with Version 11 but it looks like the system is working like it should. So you can close this .

Thanks for your help.


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Marcus Demas Mon 11/4/19 11:24 AM

Hello Joe, 

I hope you are doing well. 

I am not certain if this change in version 11 completely explains your issue, but there was actually a permission change in this area in version 11, which came out on Saturday, October 26th. Here is a link to that section of the release notes. 


If someone manages a portfolio that contains projects, that portfolio manager can update/manage those projects. This is the exact permission in admin that you'd find inside your security roles: "Manage all projects in my Portfolios". However, that permission should be turned off by default for all clients. 

Do you have this permission turned on in your environment?

Are you certain that pre version 11 reports in Analysis did not render the update button for users who are not on the project?

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Thanks Marcus. We are not using this 'manage all projects in my portfolios' option. However, I'm still investigating. I will talk to you more tomorrow. Thanks. - Joe Allen Mon 11/4/19 4:31 PM