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I'm trying to give access to specific clients to view a report (or have it delivered to them via email). My options so far that I can see are:

  • Create a public desktop with this report and distribute the link to the clients. This won't work as the report contains personal information that must require login/ security applied to it.
  • Mail the report to a TDNext user and set up an auto-forward to the required users. This isn't preferable as it introduces another point of failure (auto-forward) and would require the email coming from someone/ some group instead of TeamDynamix.
  • Give the clients access to the TeamDynamix Analysis app. As I understand it this would enable them to view and see reports. However, these are external clients across campus (Registrar's Office, Deans, student housing etc.) that aren't TeamDynamix users and have no training or experience (yet) that would enable them to be successful in the application.

Are there any other options or alternatives that I'm missing?


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Asked by Nik Craik on Fri 10/4/19 1:59 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 10/7/19 10:32 AM

Hello Nik,

I think you have captured all of the possible alternatives, however I should note that your third option would not work unless you gave the users Security Roles which allow Analysis app access, which a Client License is not able to access.

Some non-ticket or asset-related reports can be viewed from the Client Portal "Reports" page, but anything that requires application access is not going to be visible in that page to a Client licensed user.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, or submit an enhancement request if you would like to see a change to this.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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