Unable to select Time tyoe under Project Request section in Administration

In the admin section under both projects nad poerfolio planning areas - I have time type section identified in false in the project/request section 

 I wanted to change this to allow time types to be displayed on projects.  Howver when I try to select it, it is greyed out and shows me a red cicle that I am unabele to change to true.  This is also the case when I try to add time type in a section for a project under the project section in admin.   Is this normal behaviour?  IF so how do I modify what time types are under ana ctive project?


I attached screens below to help identify what i am tlking about


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Asked by Claire Rosati on Fri 9/20/19 3:37 PM
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Answers (2)

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Mark Sayers Fri 9/20/19 3:48 PM

Hello Claire,

Projects already have a Time Types area listed under the "Settings" section of each project. You should be able to go there to edit the Time Types currently associated with your projects.

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Susan McGillivray Thu 10/29/20 12:45 PM

I had the same problem but found the answer.  You need to define allowable time types under the Admin Section 'Types' which identifies the type of project/request.  In there you can select what time types are applicable for a project or request.  I don't think you can add it after the project or request has already been created.  The time types need to be added before the project or request is created

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You can add Time Types to projects via the Settings section of the project, and you can do this at any point after creation of the project. - Mark Sayers Thu 10/29/20 1:07 PM