Next Sandbox Refresh?

Can someone tell me when the next sandbox refresh will be?

Thank you!

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Asked by Rachel Bowling on Wed 9/18/19 9:27 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 9/18/19 10:08 AM

Hello Rachel,

Per our article here ( ) Sandbox is due to be refreshed on the first business Monday of the next calendar quarter. That would be the first Monday of October.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Mark - Since the first business Monday, July 4th, is a holiday for TDX, will it be the following Monday, July 11th? - Bobby Jones Tue 6/28/22 3:13 PM
Since the 4th is a holiday (and many if not most organizations are off for that day, including ours) it is not considered a "business" Monday. The following Monday would be the first actual business Monday of the month, and yes the 11th would be when the refresh will happen. - Mark Sayers Tue 6/28/22 3:18 PM
Here is a recent article that may help over time: - Greg Van De Mark Tue 6/28/22 6:37 PM
Yes! Thanks, Greg. I didn't see that. - Bobby Jones Wed 6/29/22 9:10 AM