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We had some email notifications from TDX start going to SPAM. Apparently we use a system called 'spamassassin' to flag emails that are spam. When this problem was presented to our tech department, they have asked for the header information for the email to be able to figure out the problem. These emails are coming from . Is there anything you can provide to help with figuring this out?


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Asked by Joe Allen on Mon 8/26/19 11:44 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 8/26/19 12:24 PM

Hello Joe,

You can ensure that your spam system has whitelisted all of our IP addresses as they are documented in this KB article:

If you utilize your own SMTP mail server you could take advantage of our ability to connect to the SMTP server so that is what delivers the mail instead of our own mail systems, thus keeping the mail from being flagged as an inappropriate outside source.

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Thanks Mark. - Joe Allen Mon 8/26/19 2:17 PM