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In a person's TDNext profile, you can click on a tab "KB Searches" to see what that particular user has searched for.  We currently have Google Analytics set up on our page but the information that we get is not that great. We want to have access to the data that TDX has that populates this "KB Searches" tab, but in a single report. How do we get this data?

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Asked by Amanda Canevari on Mon 7/22/19 3:06 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 7/22/19 3:32 PM

Hi Amanda,

I don't know if it is possible to get that data via Google Analytics, but I would think it should be. You *can* see that same level of info though on the KB > Search History page with some adjusting of filtering. You can even export the results to Excel if desired, though that would be a manual process only.

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Does the KB > Search History only show when someone clicks on the search option where they're only searching within the Knowledge Base, or does it show every result for whenever someone types something into the search bar at all - Amanda Canevari Mon 7/22/19 3:34 PM
Hi Amanda, If you change the "Component" field to the *Consolidated Search* option then it will show all results regardless of the area of the portal someone had filtered their search towards. - Mark Sayers Mon 7/22/19 3:47 PM