Project Manager Role with no access to ADMIN tools

It is my understanding that in order to function as a full project manager in a project, with the ability to add/edit/delete plans, tasks, risks and issues, communicate to the team, etc, requires a full administrative license. My first question is to verify whether that is an accurate statement. Second, given an administrative license, is it possible to assign a modified role to disallow access to the Admin panel? If yes, how would I create that modified role, specifically.  Thank you.


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Asked by Marie Carianna on Wed 7/10/19 2:55 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 7/10/19 3:49 PM

Hello Marie,

That is not entirely correct, no. A person does not need full administrative access to be a Project Manager. They *will* need a Project Manager or Enterprise level security role/license type in order to be able to perform all of those management functions that you mention, but that does not equate to access to the Admin console. That is just a matter of creating a security role that has the appropriate permissions for them to be a project manager and assign that role to them on their user profile.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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