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Does teamdynamix support JSON if statement that were adding in Draft 07 (https://json-schema.org/draft-07/json-schema-release-notes.html)?

In this case I'm trying to set a feed comment to one thing if another field is set to true, and set it to a different thing if the field is set to false.

I can do this with a condition step and 2 web service calls, but I'd prefer not do so if I can help it.

(for reference, my web service method looks something like this.  This one is just a sample I was using to test the theory, but it should hold up:

  "if": { "{{Advisor}}" : "true"},
  "then": { 'Comments':"User needs advising. Advising Type: {{AdvisingType}}"},
  "else": { 'Comments':"User does not need advising access."},

The error I get is that Comments is required, so I assume this type of validation is not yet supported, but thought I'd ask.



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Asked by Robert Howe on Tue 6/11/19 7:11 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 6/12/19 9:25 AM

Hello Robert,

You are correct, this is not currently supported within web service steps in TeamDynamix workflows.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Thanks for the confirmation. I'll submit an enhancement request - Robert Howe Wed 6/12/19 10:04 AM