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We've started using TDX to manage tickets. It's working well and we're very happy so far. One item that has come up though is the number of windows that TDX opens when working on a ticket. Is there any way to limit this or is that how it works?



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Asked by Joe Allen on Thu 5/16/19 2:00 PM
I'd recommend being careful on what is asked for. In the old days, you couldn't work on more than one ticket at a time because, when opening, the second ticket would take over the first ticket's window. Very difficult to work unless you do only one thing at a time. - Greg Van De Mark Thu 5/16/19 2:17 PM
Thanks for the comment. Yes, I understand. That is why if there was a switch to turn on, you could have it both ways. In Microsoft ACCESS, you can turn on whether a window pops out or not. - Joe Allen Thu 5/16/19 2:20 PM
Sorry. I just realized that I didn't mention the switch in my question. I submitted a product enhancement request that said it would be nice to have a switch that you could turn on or off to do this. - Joe Allen Thu 5/16/19 2:30 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 5/16/19 2:03 PM

Hi Joe,

Opening a ticket (depending on where you open it from) does open pop-ups, and certain actions that you might take within the ticket will also cause pop-ups to be opened. This is not currently avoidable, but we welcome any enhancement ideas you might have towards changing that behavior.

Feel free to submit these enhancement ideas via the "Submit a Product Idea" button on our portal's Home page.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Thanks Mark. - Joe Allen Thu 5/16/19 2:09 PM

Amy (Dube) Hodgdon Thu 8/13/20 9:25 AM

We are having users ask for this same functionality. Perhaps if there were an option on the profile settings to allow opening in multiple windows, or a single window so the users had local control of that functionality?

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I'd encourage you to submit these enhancement ideas via the "Submit a Product Idea" button on our portal's Home page if this is something your organization would also like to see. The more organizations that request it, the higher the potential for a feature to be implemented in the future. - Mark Sayers Thu 8/13/20 11:20 AM