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It appears that the TDClient search box "search the client portal" doesn't search through tags, is that correct? 

I added a tag to a TD service, but searching for the tagged term doesn't turn up any results. 

Where can I find information about how the TDClient search works, and which content is searched? 

Tags search tdclient
Asked by Peter Mosinskis on Tue 5/14/19 8:29 PM
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Peter Mosinskis Wed 5/15/19 1:00 PM

Hi Greg,

Thanks, that is useful. 

Really what I'm asking is whether a plain text search in the TDClient search box will match tags or not (I guess it doesn't). 

So the follow up is: in what locations does the search text match up:

  • Title? (I believe yes) 
  • Content Body? (I believe yes)
  • Description? (I believe yes)
  • Tags? It appears no 
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Hello Peter,
No, it does not look at tags when you search with a tagless search term/phrase. Just the Title, body, and description/short description.
- Mark Sayers Wed 5/15/19 1:51 PM
Thanks Mark, exactly what I needed to know - Peter Mosinskis Wed 5/15/19 4:06 PM

Greg Van De Mark Wed 5/15/19 8:53 AM

Did you precede your search for the tag with a hashtag (#)?

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