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We have multiple divisions in our organization. A division that has never used TDX for PPM now wants to begin using it. I have already created a new portfolio to categorize their projects, but they would like to be able to restrict access to their portfolio/projects only to their own administrators. Is there a way to separate access rights in TDAdmin? 

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Asked by Marie Carianna on Tue 5/7/19 8:49 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 5/7/19 10:34 AM

Hello Marie,

In which application(s) do you want to restrict access?

For instance, there is no way to prevent organization administrators (ie those with Admin access) from accessing certain areas of the Admin portal. I'm not sure there are ways to restrict things in the manner you have so far described, but if you could provide a little bit more detail on where exactly you hope to add restrictions perhaps I could more accurately answer this question.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Hi Mark, The other division has specifically asked that the admin users of our division not be allowed to see the projects of their division or, most importantly, have access to the documents in the briefcases of their projects. Does that help clarify? - Marie Carianna Tue 5/7/19 11:34 AM
That does help to clarify. From Admin, there is no access to the briefcases of projects, however I *should* note that if any of *your* division's administrators have Analysis access, there is no way at all to prevent them from accessing other projects and viewing there briefcase/files section.

Analysis is a very powerful reporting tool and for that reason it should be only be given sparingly to those who truly need that kind of all-around reporting capability.
- Mark Sayers Tue 5/7/19 11:43 AM

Marie Carianna Tue 5/7/19 11:53 AM

Hi again Mark. I am a little confused by this. You say that there is no access to briefcases from Admin, but can't any Admin go to TDAdmin>Projects>Choose a project to open>See all content, including the Briefcase? 


I uderstand what you are saying about Analysis. As a follow up to that, am I able to restrict an Admin to not have Analysis?

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Sure, you can access the project from that location in Admin, but there is no link for *briefcases* specifically that would allow you to see any files that have been added. An Admin would have access to the other sections of the project though from that location. As for Analysis, you could certainly remove someone's Analysis access. Just go to their user profile in Admin > Users & Roles > Users, select the user, go to Applications, and uncheck Analysis and save the change. Repeat for any persons you wish to remove access to Analysis access from. You can see who all currently has Analysis access by using the filtering on the Users page. - Mark Sayers Tue 5/7/19 12:00 PM
Thank you, Mark! - Marie Carianna Tue 5/7/19 12:02 PM
You're very welcome! - Mark Sayers Tue 5/7/19 12:04 PM