API account IP restrictions?

Is it possible to restrict a single API account (e.g. api-studentworker@yourschool.edu) to a specific set of IP addresses/ranges  (e.g.


Thank you,
Mark Messenger

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Asked by Mark Messenger on Mon 4/22/19 6:24 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 4/23/19 10:04 AM

Hello Mark,

At this time, the only restrictions an API account might have are the permissions that you give that user's account. If you do not give them permissions to access certain TD applications or to do certain actions in their security roles, then they would be prevented from taking those actions by API also.

It is not possible though to restrict API access to only a specific set of IP addresses, at least not through our tool. You might devise some way to do so through your own network/firewall configurations, but we do not have a built-in way to set such a restriction.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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