Running custom report as a different user produces no results

I'm pulling my hair out here, so I'm giving up and asking for help since I'm only doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result, the definition of insanity :) 

Back story, I'm trying to pull a report out with the API - and I can do so with my credentials through the API - however, I don't want my credentials stored in code.  So I've created a new user that authenticates against TDX instead of our AD and given that user the exact same license type, security role and permissions as my login.  However when trying to access the report through the API with this new user, I get no results.  So I logged into TDX with the new user and run the report within TDX and same thing, no results.  I've assigned the visibility of the report to myself and the group I put the new API user in so I really don't know what else I am doing wrong and hopefully someone can help before I go lay down in traffic (ok that was overly dramatic).  



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Asked by Christopher Firth on Thu 3/28/19 10:44 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 3/28/19 12:34 PM

Ok, what is your relationship to these projects vs the account that you're running the API with? Are you a resource on these projects at all?


Also, does that API user account  have access to the Projects/Workspaces application that this report was created in?

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The api user account has access to every application - that user has the same exact everything that my account has.

And I am the PM resource on all those projects.

- Christopher Firth Thu 3/28/19 12:40 PM
It could be that the API user is not able to run the report because they are not a resource on those projects. What if you created the report in Analysis instead and had that user run it? Make sure it has Analysis access. - Mark Sayers Thu 3/28/19 12:54 PM
Well, THAT worked! Thank you soooo much Mark! - Christopher Firth Thu 3/28/19 1:29 PM
You're very welcome sir, I'm glad I could help! - Mark Sayers Thu 3/28/19 1:32 PM

Christopher Firth Thu 3/28/19 12:08 PM

Hi Mark,

Not sure if this is what you are asking for, but here are two screenshots of the report details.  



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Mark Sayers Thu 3/28/19 11:45 AM

Hello Christopher,

Can you post a screen shot of the details of this report?

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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