Way to increment values in Web Services method in TDAdmin

Is there a way to increment a numerical value when using a web services method within TDAdmin?   This is for the year value when setting the GoesOffHoldDate. We have a workflow that is to create its tickets on a perpetual basis quarterly (it's a quarterly review of changes).  I can hard code the month & day, but need to automatically increment the year when I reach the 1st quarter annually.

Example: "GoesOffHoldDate":"{{OrigYearInteger}}-07-01T00:00:00-04:00",

The webapi docs say only JSON is supported, so I don't know f the value could be changed like one could in JavaScript (say,  ++OrigYearInteger) from within TDAdmin as opposed to running it through an outside script.


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Asked by David Durling on Fri 3/8/19 10:32 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 3/8/19 11:10 AM

Hello David,

We do not currently support or allow data transformations of any sort in the Web Service builder pages.

You could suggest this as an enhancement idea, but it is not a current feature.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance in this matter.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Jackson Potter Fri 5/24/19 4:05 PM Last edited Fri 5/24/19 4:06 PM

Hi David,

I recently had a similar problem and came across this web service that may be useful to you: https://api.mathjs.org/

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Thanks Jackson, I'll take a look! - David Durling Fri 5/24/19 4:36 PM

David Durling Fri 3/8/19 11:46 AM

ok, thanks!

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You are very welcome sir! - Mark Sayers Fri 3/8/19 11:50 AM