Timing of Production pull for Sandbox Refresh

I noticed in the KB Article An Overview of the TeamDynamix Environments that the Sandbox Refresh will now be on the first Monday day of business of the new quarter, which I believe means April 8th for the next refresh. 

We are currently configuring in Production in advance of moving Michigan Tech IT's Ticketing into TeamDynamix.  I am wondering when the backup/snapshot/whatever-process of Production happens that will be loaded into the Sandbox environment?  Basically, I'm looking to understand the absolute latest that we can be confident that configuration changes made in Production will be moved to the Sandbox on this next refresh.  To minimize the need for configuring in both environments, we are hoping to get as much of our configuration done as we can, in Prod, ahead of that time. We then plan to use Sandbox as a training environment before we go live.  We hope to go live over the summer.

Thanks in advance - Steve

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Asked by Steve Blackburn on Thu 2/28/19 3:20 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 2/28/19 3:30 PM

Hello Steve,

Actually the first business Monday of April is 4/1, as that is not considered a holiday or day off. You would have until right before 8:00 AM ET that day to have any configurations in place in Production to ensure they get moved to Sandbox.

If you have any additional question about this let me know.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Thanks for the confirmation that we have until 8 AM Monday Mark. As to the date error, yes it's "my bad" - I can't read calendars I guess! - Steve Blackburn Thu 2/28/19 3:35 PM
You are very welcome! I'd be sure I had all of my changes in before 8 AM ET just to be safe, but otherwise you should be good to go with that info. - Mark Sayers Thu 2/28/19 3:39 PM