Adding Time to a Project/Project Plan/Project Task


We are currently implementing Projects and I was curious to see how others are able to add time against a project. Do you have step by step instructions? Are you able to add time worked against a card/task or are you only adding time against the entire project itself?

Thank you.

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Asked by Rachel Bowling on Mon 2/18/19 11:27 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 2/18/19 11:38 AM

Hello Rachel,

Are you asking whether these things are possible to do, or just if other clients are doing them and their reasonings for entering time the way they do?

I can confirm that you are able to enter time either against a project directly, or against tasks that are on the project's plan(s), it just depends on how your project is configured in the "General" section.

If you want to know more specifically about the ability to enter time against projects and their various work items let me know.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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My question is for both. One, it is possible to do and then how. - Rachel Bowling Mon 2/18/19 11:56 AM
Hi Mark,

Wanted to check and see if you were able to find any other insights to provide?

Basically we have projects with card wall plans. We would like to be able to add work via the card, but clicking the add time button and/or "Work" tab on the card comes up with an empty form with only "Save" and "Refresh" buttons. Might you know what configuration is missing to make this functional?

Thank you for you time,
Robert Moruzzi
- Robert Moruzzi Tue 2/19/19 10:50 AM
What current permissions do you have active on your security role under the "Tasks" section? - Mark Sayers Tue 2/19/19 10:59 AM
I had one of our admin users check that has all permissions for their security role enabled and it does not appear to allow them to add time to a card either. - Robert Moruzzi Tue 2/19/19 2:20 PM
Hi Robert,
Are you currently a resource on that particular project in any capacity?
- Mark Sayers Fri 2/22/19 1:33 PM
Hi Mark, thank you. Sorry, I did not update the post. I was a resource, and it turns out all we were missing was assigning "Responsible" on the card to add the time entry options. Thanks again for your time. - Robert Moruzzi Fri 2/22/19 2:36 PM
Great, I'm glad it was able to be figured out, thank you for confirming that for us Robert! - Mark Sayers Fri 2/22/19 2:37 PM

Mark Sayers Tue 2/19/19 2:22 PM

Are you or that administrator both a resource on the project?

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