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Is it possible to report on all tickets which have had a particular Workflow Step assigned?

I know that the full Workflow history for a given ticket/document can be viewed, and I know that I can create a report of all tickets which have a particular Workflow Step assigned at the current time.

I need to be able to report on whether tickets assigned a particular Workflow Step are being completed within a set period of time.  (Report should be for the last week, to determine if the particular Workflow Step is being completed within 24 hours of assignment.)

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Asked by Jeremy Kermott on Thu 1/17/19 12:19 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 1/17/19 12:34 PM

Hello Jeremy,

It might be possible, but not if the workflow step in question is an Approval-type step. Those do not appear in reporting as they aren't true "tasks".

For any non-approval steps though you can report on their Created date/time and Completed date/time to see if they were completed within 24 hours of eachother.

Would that help?

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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I believe that would help. How would I go about doing so in a report? I know that I can create reports for Tickets and for Tasks.

Also, would this be something that I would be able to display a graph/chart of (such as on a Desktop)? Or would it be something I'd have to export to Excel and then work with the data, such as was mentioned in:
- Jeremy Kermott Thu 1/17/19 12:39 PM
I guess I would need to know what exactly you need this report to tell you before I could confirm if that were possible to do. Can you give me the criteria this report must be able to return? - Mark Sayers Thu 1/17/19 1:20 PM
I need a report to provide the following data:
The number of requests (tickets/tasks) which are assigned Workflow Step 'X' during the reporting period (e.g. the past week), and
The number of those requests which are not completed within 1 business day (or 24 hours, generally).

Preference is to present the data as a percentage, but even just numbers will suffice.
- Jeremy Kermott Thu 1/17/19 1:32 PM
Mark, the parameters I was given seem too narrow for a single report. I will proceed with generating separate reports which, when put side-by-side, would be able to present the workflow reporting that is being requested. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll accept this answer because it pointed me in the right direction. - Jeremy Kermott Fri 1/18/19 1:22 PM