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I notice that you cannot edit time once it has been submitted unless it gets denied, and it can't be edited once it has been approved. However, I'm wondering if there is a setting in the admin panel where you can allow one to edit time that has been submitted/approved.


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Asked by Catherine DeVito on Mon 12/17/18 10:26 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 12/17/18 10:31 AM

Hello Catherine,

At this time there is not a function to allow you to essentially un-submit your time card so you can make edits to entries on it. Once it has been submitted it will remain in a pending-review state until the reviewer accepts or rejects the timecard.

I think you actually are wanting a feature to allow someone to un-submit their timecard after they've submitted it so they can make edits. I would suggest that you submit an enhancement request to ask for this feature since it is not one that we currently have.

You can submit enhancement requests from the Home page of this client portal. Use the Submit a Product Idea service button to send it in for review.

If there is anything else I can do for you just let me know.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Thank you for your response. I now understand that a time card cannot be edited unless the manager rejects it. My next question is if the time card is submitted and the manager approves it, is there any way to unapprove it after that?

Thank you,
Catherine DeVito
- Catherine DeVito Tue 12/18/18 11:18 AM
An administrator could unsubmit it, yes. They'd need to go to Admin > Time & Expenses > Time Reports and lookup that user's time report, open it and set it to not submitted. Then they can notify the user to go back to the timecard and correct the necessary entries. - Mark Sayers Wed 12/19/18 9:56 AM