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We are looking to pull user report information from the knowledge base based on date. I've set up the payload as follows:



Weset up the process for tickets in the same manner here: 

The only issue is that within ticket API we set a value to an ID where with the knowledge base there are no ID's that I can find for choices.

After a from was created I would use a browsers developer tools to get the attributes ID, but with the knowledge base there isn't any forms/reports that give infofration about the Choice ID.


Any information would help.




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Asked by Alex Haberer on Fri 11/30/18 10:25 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 11/30/18 10:48 AM

Hello Alex,

In Admin > Knowledge Base > Article Attributes you can find each of your custom KB attributes. Their IDs are in the ID columns. If you open those attributes, if they are attribute types that have multiple choice options, you can scroll down and see each of those choices in the grid at the bottom of the attribute page, and an ID column indicates the ID of each choice.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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