How Task notifications work in ticket workflow

There are a few other Question entries related to this, but wanted to clarify for Tasks in workflow specifically:

In a ticket workflow we're testing, it appears that the workflow only notifies one member of the group a task is assigned to.  (All members have notify = True on their accounts.)  If I remove that individual from the group, another group member will be notified instead.  If that's correct, how is it determined which individual is the one that will receive the notice?  Can we control that?

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Asked by David Durling on Wed 10/24/18 3:34 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 10/26/18 12:07 PM

Hi David,

This seems to be something you would expect to see happening. This has to do with reduction in notifications when someone *is* the person triggering a notification to the next group of persons when they are a member of said group.

It wouldn't make sense to notify someone who just completed one task that they are responsible for the next task (at least in part) if they're already looking at the UI. From what we can tell this is an expected scenario.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns about anything else related.

~Mark Sayers

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David Durling Tue 10/30/18 1:30 PM

Thanks Mark, we can work with this.  When we tested with groups it got a little confusing because the Choice steps would notify the user but the Tasks wouldn't, but I can see why tasks would be treated differently for notifications.

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David Durling Fri 10/26/18 8:39 AM Last edited Fri 10/26/18 8:41 AM

It seems that this is not just about groups.  If "Joe" completes a workflow step and the next one is a Task assigned directly to him, he will not be notified of the Task.  So it appears that Task notifications are not sent to the user who advances the workflow to the Task.

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David Durling Thu 10/25/18 9:57 AM Last edited Thu 10/25/18 10:29 AM

Hi Mark,

I tested with 3 accounts in a group now.  To correct my initial report, you're right - it's not that just 1 person is notified, what's happening is rather that 1 person is excluded from the notices.  It seems to be whoever advanced the workflow to the current Task will not be notified of that Task.    So if Joe & Jim are in a group, and a workflow has a series of tasks for that group, whoever checks off the previous workflow step will not be notified of the next step if it's a Task.  If the next step is a Choice (or presumably an Approval like in your test), all members of the group will be notified.

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Mark Sayers Wed 10/24/18 4:27 PM

Hi David,

How big is the group you are testing this with?

I tested with a group that includes my test account and another account. They have different email addresses for notificaitons, and when my test account adds the workflow and it is a Task type step *only* the second account is notified (not my test account). For an Approver step, both received the notification. In both cases I just added the workflow to the ticket manually.

So I'm wondering if Task steps for some reason do not notify the account that adds the workflow to the ticket.

Otherwise I can't figure out why it would behave that way.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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