What can contacts see on a ticket?

What can a contact see in the system? We are testing a process for our internship process with an academic unit and trying to figure out how to get employers in the sytem so they can be connected to a ticket but do not want to give them a University logon.

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Asked by Denise Nelson on Fri 8/17/18 2:03 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 8/30/18 1:30 PM

Hi Denise,

If the users were given only TD usernames and passwords, and set to authenticate against TeamDynamix, they would also have to be pointed at either your true URL for your portal, or if that is the one that is connected with SSO you'll need to point the Contacts at app.teamdynamix.com (which is a sort of back-end) URL for accessing the system.

I'm not sure you want to do that though, and that might be something you want to discuss internally.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Denise Nelson Fri 8/17/18 3:24 PM

One of the problems we use single sign on and they don't want to give people a user Id just for this one process.

The only wat to log in with a TDX created user and not a University account is to log in on the back side of the system., but I am not sure that would be good.

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Kris Kennedy Fri 8/17/18 3:01 PM

I believe I understand what you are aiming to achieve. However there a key dependency present that is difficult to get past. That is, for the Contact of a ticket to be able to see only tickets associated to them they will need to log in to see these. Otherwise, a Customer (non-authenticating person) could be added to a ticket but they would not be able to see it themselves. Is the barrier you are challenged with paying for licenses or truly providing log in credentials for the person? If it is the former, note that a client user, which has no cost, can be a Contact on a ticket and can log in and see those tickets. 

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