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For a KB article needing many revisions - and thus many savepoints/versions -- how can we mark one specific version as published while continuing to make edits in an unpublished version? With the version history only referencing a version #, it's hard to discern which is the 'live' version and which is the active draft. Anyone have suggestions on making this easier?

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Asked by William Morrison on Tue 7/31/18 2:41 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 8/2/18 5:03 PM

Hi William,

I think I'm understanding your question fully, but correct me if I'm wrong. You want to set a version of a KB as the Published (ie viewable) version of the article, and be able to edit a previous version of the article to get it ready to replace the currently active/published version?

At this time, the only way a particular revision of an article can be edited from within TeamDynamix (if it is *not* the current revision) is if the article is restored to that Revision version, then edited.

I'm not sure what you are looking to do is possible at all in the system, so I think it might be best to submit an enhancement for the capability you're referring to: The ability to view and edit previous revisions of an article, and independently control which revision version is the Active/Published version.

This may not be possible, but it could for sure be submitted as an enhancement idea to be reviewed. You can go to our portal home page at and use the Submit a Product Idea service button to submit this idea.

If you have any questions at all about anything I've mentioned please let me know.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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William Morrison Thu 8/2/18 5:32 PM

Thanks Mark. Yes, you understand correctly. We have some published KB articles that will have a long interval between the start of a revision and a final publishable version (often these are policies that need to have drafts approved by committees, or inward-facing technical documentation that is lengthy). During the period of time we are making edits, we want to leave the current published version available.

I understand your response and will submit an enhancement request.

The workaround we are considering is to publish an entirely new edition of the KB article in a separate category specifically for drafts, with limited visibility on that Draft category. Once the final version of the article is ready, we replace the existing published version with our copy from the Drafts category. This is cumbersome and it circumvents the approval process.

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