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What is the purpose of the "comment" feature as it relates to articles? We have staff leaving comments instead of providing feedback and the comments are not searchable/reportable/addressable as feedback is. If found not to be beneficial, is it configurable where feedback is allowed but comments aren't?

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Thu 7/26/18 9:54 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 7/26/18 10:53 AM

I would suppose the Feedback option would be more for the benefit of your clients/students as opposed to your Techs/article authors?

So your reviewers/authors/techs might communicate about potential article revisions or discuss the article in the History area. Since that History section also contains each posted article revision message, your reviewers could indicate "hey the latest revision is still missing X" or whatever may be the case so the author can go back and correct, but those wouldn't really be feedback on how helpful the article was or wasn't and why.

Does that make sense?

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Greg Van De Mark Thu 7/26/18 10:45 AM

Can you give an example of when someone would comment but not provide feedback? I'm wondering why the comment option is even there. I'm looking for a TDX philosophy answer.

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Mark Sayers Thu 7/26/18 10:39 AM

Hi Greg,

Only individuals with both TDNext and Knowledge Base access can see the History and Feedback tabs. That includes the ability to leave Feedback/Comments on articles. Other than basic access to those applications, there aren't further controls or permissions that facilitate the ability to leave Comments on articles. Security Roles *do* have a permission around marking Feedback as addressed, but not one for whether someone can leave a comment.

Perhaps you could create an enhancement to ask for this ability to control, but it isn't current option to restrict.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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