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Does it count you as reading the ticket if you read the ticket via your email and do not click on the ticket link within the email? this question was raised during our 6 month review of TDX this week.



Vanessa Maulden

Troy University

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Asked by Vanessa Maulden on Wed 7/25/18 11:36 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 7/27/18 1:59 PM

If the person at their desk is looking at the ticket (ie they've opened it and gone to the "Read" tab), they also should be able to see that the "Viewing/Updating/Editing" indicator does or does not show another person also looking at that ticket.

If that indicator does not show anyone, they ought to assume the ticket will still need to be followed up on. I'd rely on that indicator to know whether someone else is actively looking at the same ticket as me.

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Mark Sayers Wed 7/25/18 12:19 PM

Hi Vanessa,

TeamDynamix ticket notifications carry a 1x1 tracking pixel in them. These pixels can detect when your email message is marked as "Read" and when that happens, they report back to the ticket tied to that notification that you have "Read" the ticket. So that is very much something that can mark the ticket as Read without you ever actually opening the link for the ticket from your email.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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We are running into a similar problem that tickets are being marked as read by a technician when the technician is away from his/her desk and has not touched their email nor even previewed the message. When the technician looks at his/her Outlook, the email is still mark as unread. Do you know anything in email clients/outlook that may automatically cause the message to report read?

Warren Glore
Wichita State University
- Warren Glore Wed 7/10/19 2:40 PM
I don't know why Outlook could trigger that the item was read but not mark it as read, no. If it actually *were* marked as read even though they didn't open it I would wonder if they have email rules set up to mark the item as read. With the scenario you are speaking of though I don't have ideas on what Outlook might be doing to cause that. Does it behave the same if they do *not* even have Outlook open when the email comes in? - Mark Sayers Wed 7/10/19 3:09 PM

Vanessa Maulden Fri 7/27/18 1:27 PM

Wow, we didn’t realize this. Some of our Security team members sometimes look at tickets via email on their phone to see if it is a “real” emergency (locking down accounts to access to secure systems), and with it saying they “read” the ticket, another member, who might be sitting at their desk readily available, might not complete the tasks of locking down accounts, if they think that the person reading the ticket via cell phone is actually working the ticket.


Does this make sense? Do you have a suggestion as to how we can ensure that someone works the ticket tasks when they think someone else might be working it? Other than both people having to open the ticket and see the progress, one on their PC and one via Cell phone?


Vanessa Maulden

Troy University

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