Looking to add a time report to the desktop

The report that I am looking to add/create would be like so:

A user has recorded numerous activities in Team Dynamix during the day, all with corresponding time types and time amounts.  I would like to have a report that lists all the time types that a user has logged during that day, along with the amount time recorded for each.

Is it possible to create such a report to add to the desktop and if so, how?

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Asked by Mathew Chandler on Wed 7/11/18 2:14 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 7/12/18 10:28 AM

Hi Mathew,

There isn't a report that can be placed on a desktop like that other than perhaps an Actual Hours report which you'd create from the Analysis application.

Have you attempted to do that already?

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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