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Hi there,

I am following up on this question.

Is the information provided in the answer still correct? Is there still no way to export KB articles?


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Asked by Caitlin Baer on Thu 6/28/18 10:14 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 6/28/18 10:24 AM

Hi Caitlin,

That is correct, there is still no mechanism from within the tool to allow for exporting KB articles. You can still find the API documentation for interacting with KB articles at this link though: https://api.teamdynamix.com/TDWebApi/Home/section/KnowledgeBase

That might allow you to programmatically edit or retrieve your articles.

If you'd like to see a way within the tool to export articles, I would advise submitting an enhancement request from our client portal's Home page.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Brian Kurzweil Wed 7/20/22 4:17 PM

Hi just checking to see if this has changed.  Are we now able to export the Knowledge base? 

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Unfortunately no, not if you mean in any sort of really quick automated way. There are API endpoints to GET KB articles where you'd have the contents of said article in a JSON object. Those have always been around, but to just export the article to some sort of specified file, no that isn't a feature still. - Mark Sayers Wed 7/20/22 4:52 PM
Hop on the enhancement train! Service Request #18521451 - Greg Van De Mark Wed 7/20/22 5:21 PM

Mark Sayers Thu 6/28/18 10:26 AM

You're very welcome!

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Caitlin Baer Thu 6/28/18 10:26 AM

Thanks, Mark! I will do that.

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I also requested this enhancement - Service Request #18521451 - Greg Van De Mark Fri 8/27/21 1:31 PM