My Work > My Time Card > trying to enter time against a work space that only has time off time types - getting error no time types found

When entering time via My Work > My Time Card, and selecting the + workspace time link under a workspace that only has time off time types, an error is displayed - You cannot enter time against this item because there are no time types assigned to it.

Was it always this way? Our staff feel that is how they have input their vacation days previously and that it worked before. We have provided them the work around, to navigate to Time and Expense and enter non-working time through there, but they don't like having to go to 2 different navigations.

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Asked by Mark Sayers on Fri 6/1/18 4:37 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 6/1/18 4:38 PM

The modal for adding time to a Workspace from My Work > My Time Card and selecting the "+ Workspace Time" link does not support adding time of a type which is a Time Off type, no. Your users would need to use the +Add Time button at the top of that page in order to get access to the Time Off option for adding time to a workspace in that area of the tool.

As far as it known this has always been the case, yes.

I hope I have fully explained how your users can add time against a Time Off time type in the My Work > My Time Card page. If you have any additional questions or concerns please let me know.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Hello: Does everyone have access to the "My Time Card" option under "My Work" or is that restricted to certain permissions? If so, what are they? - Ryan Williams-Cudo Wed 7/21/21 6:48 PM
If you don't have access to Time & Expenses, you wouldn't see the My Time Card option in My Work. - Mark Sayers Thu 7/22/21 10:14 AM

Ryan Williams-Cudo Mon 4/25/22 1:38 PM

Do you need to create a "Time Off" or "PTO" time type in order to add this? And, will this feed into resource availability?  How do you allocate hours to time off when assigning resource hours by project/workspace?

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Yes, you *do* need a time type that is marked as a Time Off type.

I believe for projects it should affect resource availability, although it won't prevent you from assigning a task or something (which might have been scheduled during the date(s) the person submitted time off) to that person.

When someone submits time off requests against a particular project or workspace, the system should create a time off schedule entry for the person as long as you configured the time type to do so in TDAdmin.
- Mark Sayers Mon 4/25/22 2:29 PM