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When looking at a (sometimes overwhelmingly long - see list of KB article history, what can I do with that list outside of commenting or liking? Can I compare one revision with another? Can I reinstate a certain revision? These seem to be basic things. Is the reason why I can't do too much with this now due to the fact that article history is new and hasn't had time to mature? (Or am I blind and I can do these things now?)

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Wed 5/16/18 1:20 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 5/16/18 1:52 PM

Hello Greg,

If you have more than one Revision of an article, you can choose to Edit the article, go to the Revisions tab, select any revision as desired, and there will be a button to the right to let you restore to that revision version.

I think that covers at least one of your questions you had asked.

Other than restoring revisions, what other sorts of things were you looking to do? I do not think there is an ability to compare revision versions  in a way that let you see multiple revisions at once on the screen, no. You can access any revision version, but you would have to open others up in a new tab or new window if you wanted to look at multiple revisions side-by-side.

Let me know if you have other questions on this topic.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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William Morrison Tue 7/31/18 2:31 PM

Apologies for jumping onto this old thread, but I'd like to follow-up on Mark's question about what else we'd want to do with version histories. Restoring to an earlier version is great. We would also like to be able to revise a currently published KB article. For a document with requiring many edits - and thus many savepoints/versions -- how can we mark one specific version as published while continuing to make edits in an unpublished version?

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Mark Sayers Wed 5/16/18 2:12 PM

You're very welcome!

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Greg Van De Mark Wed 5/16/18 2:06 PM

So the answer is, "Yes, you are blind." Edit Article > Revisions unlocks the mysteries of histories. Thanks! :)

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