KCS and Knowledge Base Articles: What KB article to associate?

We only document items in our KB that are specific to our university; general info can be Googled. If we resolve the ticket referring to general info, what KB article do we associate with the ticket? What is the KCS way of handling this?

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Mon 5/7/18 1:41 PM
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William Cochran Tue 5/8/18 3:52 PM

Hi Greg,

If there is no article supporting the resolution of the ticket itself. An article could either be made to support the steps that it took to resolve it or leave it with no article association. 

Another option is to have an updateable attribute on the ticket's update page to specify if a KB was used to support the ticket's resolution. 

Typically, you would want to have a KB to support the service that was requested to have closure on the ticket, a 1:1 relationship.


William Cochran

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