KCS and Knowledge Base Articles: Use KB attribute?

There is a Knowledge Base Article attribute available in forms and a KB radio button section when updating tickets. In regards to KCS, do I just use the built-in update section or is there benefit to including the attribute on the incident form (such as first contact resolution)? How did TDX design this? What are other institutions doing?

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Mon 5/7/18 1:39 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 5/15/18 11:04 AM

Hello Greg,

A reasoning you may wish to include an association with a KB on your ticket creation form would be if particular services already have documentation on how requests from these services should be handled. In that case, it would be more efficient to use the form to associate the KB article, so the tech reviewing the new ticket only has to access the article to see the steps needed to address the request, as opposed to first having to search for the correct article.

Does that help to make sense why you may want to be able to include the Knowledge Base Article field on your ticket creation form?

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Greg Van De Mark Wed 5/9/18 12:11 PM

First, sorry for the negative feedback. I was trying to use the feedback mechanism to fine tune my question but feedback is not allowed. Instead, I'll "contribute an answer" even though I'm not contributing an answer.

I wasn't talking about the KB custom attributes available in v10.1 (though, now that you mentioned it, I looked into this more and found we can use this to combine internal and external articles into one article which would help clutter/searching/efficiency). Instead, I was talking about the "Knowledge Base Article" form attribute that comes out of the box. I have the ability to put that on any form. Is there any reason to include it on forms when the ticket updates include that functionality out of the box? I'm looking for a KCS or TDX design philosophy answer.

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William Cochran Wed 5/9/18 10:16 AM

Hi Greg,

The KB article attributes is a new feature in 10.1 that can be used for internalizing attributes to support the area a KB article is associated with for example. This link talks more on its functionality, and what it can do. https://solutions.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=50821#kbcustomattributes The forms themselves do not have the KB attribute listed, only a spot to select the KB article on a Form (if needed). 

Outside of that, the KB radio buttons allow the tech or agent to add an existing KB article to support the ticket, and that is typically done at closure of a ticket for best practices. As you are updating the ticket to close it out, you link a KB article to the ticket. If the tech has the permissions they can create an article on the fly through the Update page. The Comments section is used for the body of the new KB that can be created on the fly. You have a few options there. 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


William Cochran

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