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Hi, I understand from a previous article that TD is using spell checker from the browser which works in the ticketing application (see screenshot), however it does not work in the Knowledge Base (see screenshot).  This is a significant problem considering the KB is client facing and public.  We are noticing errors that could easily be solved with a spell checker.  Is this something you can help with?


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Asked by Kara Farmer on Thu 4/19/18 3:59 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 4/19/18 4:44 PM

Hello Kara,

What browser were you using when you generated that screen shot?

I ask because I used Chrome to open a KB article and began typing nonsense characters and the editor tool we use for KBs properly picked up the misspelled characters/words. It seems to work, but I am not sure if there is a difference based on what browser you're using when attempting to type things.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Beverly Davis Wed 5/6/20 10:20 AM Last edited Thu 5/7/20 10:28 AM

Hi Mark,

I was also looking for spell check functionality in Knowledge base articles.   I used Firefox, Edge and Chrome, in edit and display mode, and the editor tool does not recognize the mispellings of each example below.  Is there any setting you are aware of that needs to be turned on?  

Thank you,


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Beverly, I tested this again using Firefox and it *does* put a red underline beneath misspelled words when you are looking at the article in Edit mode. I would not ever expect it to underline misspelled words when looking at the article in "read" mode though. Do you have browser extensions/add-ons active that could be affecting the behavior? - Mark Sayers Wed 5/6/20 10:29 AM
Hi Mark,

Yes, I should have sent the Edit mode screen which looks the same.
I don’t appear to have any active browser extensions/add-ons that would be conflicting. Only the defaults.
After much testing, I did just try a Chrome Incognito window and a FF private window and lo and behold the spell checker red lines show up!

Any other thoughts that might be common browser reasons that might not allow the TDX KB Editor spell checker to work properly?
- Beverly Davis Wed 5/6/20 2:25 PM
I'm fairly certain that TDX does not implement a spell-checker, and any spellchecking that is going on is done from the browser itself. You could inspect your browser's settings to see if perhaps those have been turned off or need adjusting. Clearly it does work if you are in incognito/private mode, so something about those browser's settings when in normal mode is different than the settings in use from the private modes. - Mark Sayers Wed 5/6/20 2:29 PM
OK, I misunderstood when you said back in 2018 "the editor tool we use for KBs" I assumed the editor tool had a built in spell checker in KBs. That said, the spell checker always works fine in tickets, so I would expect it to work fine in KBs too. So there is some other culprit we will have to find another day. Thanks. - Beverly Davis Wed 5/6/20 2:34 PM
You might try (on the article edit screen) bringing up the F12 browser developer tools to the Network tab or Console tab. Firstly, does it present any errors initially, and if so, what are they exactly? If no, begin typing in the article pane and see if anything pops up on either of those tabs in the developer tool box. - Mark Sayers Wed 5/6/20 2:51 PM
The article editor tool has *some* amount of checking it can do, but the browser also has the ability to do spell-checking. It could be that your local network restrictions aren't allowing the editor tool to make contact with the resources it needs to activate the spell-checking feature. - Mark Sayers Wed 5/6/20 2:52 PM
I used the F12 browser developer tools. No errors initially on either the Console or Network tab. Then as I started to add text and change the font in the article body, some data popped up on the Network tab. I used Chrome on both my work desktop that I am using VPN/RDP working remotely, and on my home PC. I am sending you the screenshots. - Beverly Davis Wed 5/6/20 11:57 PM
For future reference, just post a new "answer" and attach any images/files. Also, the questions system does not support reply-by-email currently. So using your home PC (that was not set up by the school) on your own non-VPN network the KB editing page behaves the same? - Mark Sayers Thu 5/7/20 10:30 AM
Will do. That is correct. - Beverly Davis Thu 5/7/20 10:34 AM
Mark, just some more info to maybe help pinpoint the issue:
I did some further testing as I was seeing inconsistent results. What I once thought worked, (the Private or Incognito windows) were inconsistent as well. I found one constant on my home PC. (Work PC browser is managed)
1. I open TDX in Chrome, open the Knowledge base, start a new article, type garbage text in the article body and the spell checker does NOT activate.
2. Went to Chrome's 'More Tools' > 'Extensions'. I simply open and leave the Extensions tab open.
3. Start a new article and start typing garage text again, the spell checker DOES work.
4. Close and reopen Chrome, same results, it only works again after I open the Extensions window again.
- Beverly Davis Thu 5/7/20 3:16 PM
Please submit that last comment as a ticket and I'll forward it on to Engineering to review for buggy behavior. - Mark Sayers Thu 5/7/20 3:30 PM
Please also note the Operating System your machine is running, the browsers you tested with, and the version numbers of those browsers. (you might also try updating the browsers to the latest versions if they aren't already, and testing this again). - Mark Sayers Thu 5/7/20 3:31 PM
Thanks for your assistance, ticket # 13480323 submitted. - Beverly Davis Thu 5/7/20 4:56 PM