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I assume this is an enhancement request, but I figure I'd check first just in case:

We are finding the overall knowledge base creation and approval process a bit difficult overall.  So far the only way we've been able to get multiple individuals to collaberate on an article, or to have several approval levels for an article (student worker makes first draft, supervisor approves, then goes to our Knowledge Process Owner for final approval and publishing), is by manually changing the owner between the different parties who want to work on the KB article.

Of course they can do some work in other collaberation tools, but without bootstrap to see the final product, this stage of passing the ball back and forth still occurs.

It would be ideal if a team could be designated as editors or assign a group as the KB owner (similar to Services) or something similar, work on the article together, review it, modify it, etc without the manual ownership changes, then finally submit it once they were happy with the overall article.


Has anyone found any work processes or work arounds for allowing multiple individuals to edit the same KB article without given everyone the write to edit all articles across the board?

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Asked by Robert Howe on Thu 3/29/18 12:30 PM Last edited Thu 3/29/18 12:31 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 3/29/18 12:49 PM

Hello Robert,

This is indeed an enhancement idea. You should go ahead and submit it as an enhancement ticket via our "Submit a Product Idea" service on the Home page of this portal.

Let me know if I can do anything else for you on this question.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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The OP mentioned changing ownership as a way of getting around this problem. I don't see a way to change ownership of an article that is unsubmitted. Is there a way to change ownership of an unsubmitted article (so that we could have a workflow similar to what Robert described) without first publishing the article? I realize this is an old thread but if this is read, a response will be appreciated. Thanks. - Owen Hansen Mon 2/18/19 3:24 PM
Hello Owen,

If your security role has the permission to view all articles, edit articles, and review articles, you should be able to pull up an unsubmitted article, edit it, go to the Settings tab, and change the value for the Owner field.

Keep in mind if you change your permissions to add any of those, you will need to sign off then back in before the changes will be reflected.

Mark Sayers
TD Support
- Mark Sayers Mon 2/18/19 3:32 PM