User Search Option for "Does not have Desktop" within the Web API?


I'm looking for a way to isolate all of our users that do not have a certain desktop using the web API.  I know this can be done through TD Admin > Users & Roles > Users > Filter and then using the filter available here to find all the users.  My issue is that I would like to be able to do something similar to this with the User Search Web API, but I don't think that method of searching is available within that API ({searchText}&maxResults={maxResults})

Even if the Desktops attribute was available when fully loading the user, this might be able to solve my issue.  I basically need to see if users have the desktop, whether it's primary or not, and then use that UID to then interface with the ApplyDesktop endpoint ({templateDesktopId}?isDefault={isDefault})


Pulling back the list from the userSearch can work, but it involves multiple steps that would be nice if we could work around them:

  • Search the users missing the desktop in the TD Admin user search module. 
  • Export the list to Excel
  • Parse the data into input for a script that will search and convert all the Usernames into UIDs for each user object
  • Send a call to the ApplyDesktop endpoint with the UID list


Being able to search with all the filter options within the TD Admin search module while using the UserSearch API endpoint could solve this, if that's at all possible.  That would convert this process to just:

  • User Search endpoint to find the UIDs that need updating
  • Call the ApplyDesktop endpoint with the UID list


Currently there's about 12k users that need a certain desktop, and I'm unable to extract their UIDs in a meaningful way.  Any ideas?

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Asked by John Sommerville on Wed 3/21/18 2:31 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 3/21/18 3:13 PM

Hi John,

Since there currently isn't an API for user search by desktop you'll have to stick with the method you were using already as that's the best current way of obtaining the information on desktops which you are looking for.

You could also submit an enhancement idea so our Product Management can see that you're interested in having an endpoint in the APIs for that kind of lookup.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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