Deleting ticket tasks: Can more task info be kept?

We have (e.g. offboarding) tickets that have a ticket task template added to it and that template has many tasks. We work on the first task or two, document in the task feed communications with the supervisor, track time, etc. It is soon determined that we don't want to do the offboarding so we add a blank ticket task template and check the box that deletes existing tasks. The time updates with comments remain but feed items are gone. Any thought to keeping task feed items like how time is kept? That way we don't lose documentation that is evidence on why a decision was made. We could do things more deliberately but we are blowing through many of these in a hurry. Or what is a better way of doing this?

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Fri 3/16/18 4:28 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 3/19/18 9:38 AM

Hello Greg,

I do know that it is expected for the task information to be removed when tasks are removed in the type of scenario you are describing. There isn't really a way to force the feed to retain that information (from a user perspective). This unfortunately would need to become an enhancement request to ask for the info to be retained.

If the info would need to be documented/retained, currently I would recommend before the deletion of the tasks were to be performed, add one Feed comment which sums up the work done already and the reasoning for removing the task template. This allows the info to be kept in one single post which is unrelated to the template or tasks so it is not removed by the deletion.

Would something like that help?

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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