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Since we cannot report on feed items, we have been searching on the "status changed by" field as a proxy for determining who has been touching tickets to better their quality. (One ticket can have many "status changed by" values.) We would like to do that in reporting but I cannot find that field on which to filter. Does it exist? If not, should I request this as an enhancement?

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Thu 3/8/18 2:51 PM
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Greg Van De Mark Thu 3/8/18 3:22 PM Last edited Tue 3/20/18 2:36 PM

Thanks, but that doesn't really help. For a test, I found a ticket where the status was changed by three different people. If I do three searches using the "status changed by" field on each of those people, the ticket is returned as a result each time. If I would do the same thing with "modified by", the ticket would only be returned when searching on the most recent person that modified the ticket.

The search works the way I want it to, but there isn't a corresponding ability in the reporting area. I'm going to request this. [edit: requested in Incident ID 5138545]

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Mark Sayers Thu 3/8/18 3:16 PM

Hello Greg,

The closest you can get is by reporting on the Modified field/column which can tell you the date/time the ticket was last modified in any way. This includes any time a comment is left on the ticket or if anything is edited on it in any way.

That may get you what you're looking for, I'm not sure. It would depend what you're looking for.

You could also report on Modified By to filter on things that were last modified by a person or members of a group(s). Both of those fields only hold the info on the latest modification to the ticket, it does not indicate a previous/historical modification made by a particular person.

Let me know if that helps at all.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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