Reviewing TDX set up five years later: How to go about checking everything out?

We are in a season of reviewing how we have TDX set up. Our ticketing side started with types (still not exactly sure what those were) as the foundation and since 9.5, TDX has forms (easier to visualize) as the foundation. Templates are supposed to be on the way out and we are to use forms. Cascading attributes are now available which could reduce the (out of control) number of the forms we use. Our forms still have template fields and also have type fields, both of which probably shouldn't exist anymore and by removing them would help reduce the amount of time we spend making sure that the field values are correct and consistent amongst themselves. I see a lot of specific articles/questions on the site but I would like to see something like a new TDX customer onboarding checklist so that we can check the way we have things set up in a recommended order as close to ITIL / best-of-class as possible. Is there such a thing available for me to reference?

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Fri 3/2/18 5:01 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 3/5/18 9:38 AM

Hi Greg,

I will check with our Professional Services team to see what they might have.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Anthony Lombardo Thu 10/3/19 10:21 AM

Will do Mark! Thank you.

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Anthony Lombardo Thu 10/3/19 9:31 AM

Hi Folks, did anyone ever locate any recommendations for a customer on-boarding checklist? That would be quite helpful!



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Hi Anthony,
Usually this sort of thing is provided ( or created in a guided fashion ) during your implementation of TeamDynamix. Since I know Cornell is currently in implementation, I would advise reaching out to your implementation specialist Marcus to request assistance with this.
- Mark Sayers Thu 10/3/19 10:18 AM
I received a document that TDX uses when bringing new customers aboard. Since you are implementing TDX, you'll be working through it. - Greg Van De Mark Thu 10/3/19 10:20 AM