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We use ticket templates and scheduled tickets in combination to automatically generate tickets. As part of this process, when I create the ticket template, I would like to attach an Excel file that has further detail. There are a few columns and a few rows but when that information is copied/pasted into the description, it is difficult to read.

The ticket template is based on the form chosen on the "new ticket template" page. It seems that all fields appear except for the attachment field. Am I missing a setting somewhere that causes this to happen? It looks like everything is OK in the form builder.

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Mon 1/29/18 1:14 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 2/5/18 1:57 PM

Assuming the above steps were accurate, I can confirm for you that we do not support allowing the Attachments field to be included in Ticket Templates. In fact, we have not ever allowed that field to appear in the Ticket Template configuration/creation area.

I'm not sure if there is a current way to configure a sort of automated ticket with pre-entered files included in them. These might be valid enhancement ideas!

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Mark Sayers Mon 2/5/18 1:46 PM

Hi Greg,

I'm trying to understand the sequence of steps you're referring to in this question. So you are:

  1. Selecting to create a new Ticket Template
  2. Choosing the form for the template
  3. Attempting to add an Attachment to the Attachments field on the form selected?

At step 3 is the breakdown because the Attachment field isn't showing, right?

Does the form you selected otherwise have that Attachments field included in it, when you view it in the builder in Admin?

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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