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In Admin, Service Catalog, we see a new item Deleted Services section that show us services that were deleted since we went live. Can you explain the purpose of this? We can't un-delete or permanently delete them to get rid of them.

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Asked by Mark Sayers on Thu 12/21/17 12:26 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 12/21/17 12:26 PM

In version 9.5, Assets, CIs, and Services are treated as CIs and when these items are deleted, they are displayed in TDAdmin > Configuration Management > Deleted Items

With version 10, we segmented the Asset Application much like the Ticketing Applications can be segmented. In each Asset Application, there is now a Deleted Assets/CIs section which shows the Assets and CIs that have been deleted for THAT specific Asset Application. Since services are not specific to an Asset Application, we moved the Deleted Services to it's own section under Service Catalog > Deleted Services.

I hope that helps to clarify.

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