Change the displayed column heading for custom fields in project plans


Is there a way to display a different column heading when creating a saved report? For instance, in a project plan, let's say that under Configure Columns > Manage Custom Columns, I set Field 1 to say "Server Name".

When I create a saved report under Analysis, I can choose Field 1 to appear on the report, but the column heading says "Field 1" instead of "Server Name". Field 1 as a column heading doesn't make sense to anyone viewing the report (example attached).

Is there a way where we can change the column heading in the report? Maybe like when you choose "Field 1" a text box appears beside it so that you can type in an alternate column heading? There are several reports that we want to start making public, and "Field 1" or any other Field, for that matter, would make the reports pretty much useless. I tried suggesting a legend, but some reports have more columns than, well, it has a lot of columns.

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Asked by Mark Sayers on Thu 12/21/17 11:58 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 12/21/17 11:59 AM

We currently do not have a way to incorporate the custom column headers into a custom report due to the amount of information from different reports that could possibly be returned in the report. If the report is due to return information from multiple projects' plans, and you include the custom column for Field 1, which project plan's header name does it choose to display on the report (assuming they're all different)?

For that reason we left it as generic as Field 1 so it was at least obvious that the information being returned from the project plans in question came from the custom Field 1 column.

I hope this explanation has helped to show why we do not currently allow the custom column headers to become the header when reported on. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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