Workflows question with regard to completing a ticket

We have a very challenging workflow for our process to remove access from people when they leave the company.  We have a list of possible access that people might need to have removed before the ticket can be closed.  Not all employees have the same access, so we placed an Approval step before each one.  My question is how do you account for all steps with the approvals and rejections in such a way that we get a ticket that is "complete"? 

Right now each task has an approval step before it. If accepted, it moves forward to the task. Task complete moves to the collector.  If rejected, it goes straight to the collector.  My problem is that the collector sits there and never completes because it is waiting for both sides (approval+task and the rejection).  What is the better way to make this work?  Thoughts?


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Asked by Heather Fulton on Tue 12/12/17 5:52 PM
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Serkan Ozsoy Fri 12/15/17 1:01 PM

Hello Heather,

Please review this sample image that our team created to illustrate which branches to create within your workflow.

thank you,


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Heather Fulton Thu 12/14/17 2:31 PM Last edited Thu 12/14/17 2:32 PM

Since Task and rejects all go to one collector, I would expect the collector to pass on tot "Complete", but it doesn't.  It stays at the collector waiting for every task and every reject to be done.

It shows the collector as:

"All Tasks Complete" - Not Complete - Collector Step

Waiting for 291 Student Access Removal, Approvals Access Removal, eCATS Access Removal, eForms Admin Access Removal, Employee Network Access Removal, myBanner Access Removal, Remove Drupal Access, Remove MIR3 Access, Sponsor Access Check, Total Card Access Removal, User ID Access?, Workflow Access Removal, and Xtender Access Removal to complete

These are all tasks that approval was rejected for. Is it because the tasks are set to "Wait for completion"?

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Serkan Ozsoy Thu 12/14/17 10:55 AM

Hi Heather,

From what I can see here, the reject step going to the collector should work well. Your business process for the workflow has been defined nicely. You would need the Approval, Rejection and task for be completed before moving it to Complete for this ticket.

Are you thinking about separating out the approvals/rejection steps? Please keep in mind to use the Approval Mode of "Any" so that anybody can approve the steps within that Approver Role. Also, you can enable "Allow Item Approval" which permits an current approves to approve the entire ticket, if need to be. Please keep in mind this would bypass any other current workflow steps and causes the ticket to be approved.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

thank you,


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