Technician reply to ticket assigment message doesn't email Requestor, but only Creator & Resp Group

If a technician replies to a ticket assignment email, should it send an email to the Requestor?  I thought it did, but maybe that's because usually the Requestor and Creator are the same.  When the Requestor & Creator are different because someone is creating a ticket on behalf of a customer (Requestor), the Requestor is not emailed if a technician replies to the ticket creation message via email.  Is that behavior expected?


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Asked by David Durling on Thu 11/2/17 9:37 AM Last edited Thu 11/2/17 2:21 PM
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William Cochran Fri 11/3/17 1:34 PM

Hi David,

When an assignment email is sent out to the Technician, and they reply back, it does not go to the Requestor. It is more of an information email and requestor would not be involved as to whom their ticket is assigned to. The requestor is emailed to via the ticket itself from an Update or Comment feature. Then, a technician can reply back if a requestor sends an email to the technician. That response appends back to the Feed of the ticket. 

The email reply service is intended for outbound and inbound responses on the feed to the requestor or a contact record that is on that ticket. 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


William Cochran

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