Can't Baseline Project Plan

Hi, I use to be able to baseline project plans but now that functionality is no longer available where it use to be.  Can you send me detailed directions on how to baseline a project plan for a project that I am the manager of?


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Asked by Matt Alshab on Thu 11/2/17 9:19 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 11/16/17 4:21 PM

Hello Matt,

Baselining the project does not in fact add a baseline to any plans that may exist on the project. You'll need to open the plan in Windows Plan Manager (if you don't already have this you can obtain it from the Downloads application in TDNext). Then sign in and select the project/plan you desire. Check the plan out. In the menu banner there is a Baseline section where you can Set baselines, clear them, or choose which baseline should be currently active for that plan.

Let me know if you have any questions about these instructions.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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William Cochran Fri 11/3/17 1:27 PM

Hi Matt,

To add a Baseline, ensure the End Date is in line, along with ensuring you are Manager or Alt Manager on the project. Once confirmed, go into TDNext > projects/workspaces > open the project up. Then, go to Project Details > Actions > Add Baseline. Then you will be able to add that baseline you need. 


William Cochran | TeamDynamix

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Can you delete baselines that are added by accessing Project Details >Actions > Add Baseline?

Can you add a Scope Baseline?

Can you baseline a specific Plan through the web browser or only through Windows Plan Manager?
- Ryan Williams-Cudo Mon 4/12/21 3:59 PM
1) No that route does not allow for deleting baselines at the project level. 2) I do not believe so, but if you can clarify the definition of Scope Baseline that is being referred to we could potentially answer this with more confidence. 3) A plan-specific baseline is only updateable through the Windows Plan Manager application. - Mark Sayers Mon 4/12/21 4:15 PM
All helpful responses. A Scope Baseline is the baseline of your Scope Description and deliverables. Specifically, it would be the original data logged under Projects/Workspace>>General>>and specifically include: Description, Acceptance Requirements, Exclusions, Project Purpose, Required Resources, Advanced (Requirements). Project Management requires the baseline of Scope, Schedule and Cost. Schedule appears to be baselines through Plan Manager, cost appears to be semi-baselined through Project Details but Scope does not appear to be baseline-allowable - Ryan Williams-Cudo Mon 4/12/21 4:38 PM
Ah, scope baselining does not seem to be a current ability then based on that description. - Mark Sayers Mon 4/12/21 4:40 PM
That doesn't mean necessarily that you can't just track that as a document in the project's Briefcase though. - Mark Sayers Mon 4/12/21 4:40 PM

Mark Sayers Thu 6/7/18 12:29 PM


If you are using the plan manager built into the web interface of the software, you can simply make sure your plan is checked out to you, then right-click anywhere inside the plan layout. You'll get a menu with options and the bottom two options deal with Update/Remove Baseline for the plan. Keep in mind, you *must* be the Manager or Alternate Manager of the plan in order to set a baseline.

I think William was just saying to make sure your End date for the plan is accurate the way you want it to be at the point in time you set the Baseline.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the instructions provided. The other instructions I provided for the Windows Plan Manager application are still valid.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Jeanine Heming Thu 6/7/18 12:09 PM


I've tried the suggestions above, but I still can't baseline a task. "Update Baseline" and "Remove Baseline" are grayed out.

When you say, "ensure the End Date is in line", what does that mean? I was able to add a baseline under Project Details > Actions > Add Baseline.



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Matt Alshab Mon 11/6/17 10:00 AM

Thansk for the response.  I baselined the project as you detailed .  However, when I went into the project plan, the baseline dates were blank.  I changes some dates and checked-in and checked out the project plan with the same results.


Can you clarify what I need to do to have the baseline dates appear in the project plan??  That is the crititcal baselining functionality I need. 


I would be happy to send some screenshots to clarify, but I didn't since they can't be made public.

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