Can Service Catalog modules like 'Popular Services' or 'New Services' be hidden?

Is there a way to remove or hide the modules on the side of the Service Catalog:  'Popular Services', 'New Services', 'Popular Tags'?  Sorry if I missed how to do so.  We are looking for a way to remove 'New Services' especially, since it can highlight services that may not relate to the end user and could even be confusing if the new service is similar in name to a more appropriate service for the user.

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Asked by David Durling on Fri 8/18/17 11:48 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 8/23/17 11:41 AM

Hi David,

Currently those modules cannot be removed, however this is an existing enhancement request. If you'd like to submit an additional request for this ability we can group it up under the existing one so you are notified should it get implemented into a future version of TeamDynamix.

You can submit the enhancement from our Client Portal Home page at via the "Submit a Product Idea" button.

Mark Sayers

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