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Is there a way to set individual permissions on elements within the system. Specifically referring to the KB here. I have a tech with the "student technicin" license. I have given her app admin and ticketing - full access inside the ticketing app, and also check-boxed the KB piece, amongst others. She does not have the same rights as I (admin license) in the KB. For instance - she is missing the "articles pending review" button. I don't feel like this individual (who will be the one proofing all my KB articles) needs, or should need full admin access to the system.

I ran into this issue with project management as well. That my admins were the only ones capable of creating project workspaces. There are reasons why my admins are admins in the system, and why my project manager deals with project management (and subsequently my trainer with training/KB).

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Asked by Mark Sayers on Wed 8/9/17 12:18 PM
When I go to TDADmin > Users & Roles > Security Roles and I edit the security role for the user; there is no "Knowledge Base section in the list. - Ward Durossette Tue 3/31/20 4:38 PM
That question is three years old. The navigation has changed with the v11 release since Client Portals are now their own segmented applications. You have to go to Admin > Applications > [your client portal app] > Security Roles to find permissions for the KB. - Mark Sayers Tue 3/31/20 4:39 PM
LOL, thanks Mark, I just found it. What do I do if the role I have for the user has the Knowledge Base > Add Articles checked, but when the user visits the KB the Add button is not there?
Anything else I can look at or check?
- Ward Durossette Tue 3/31/20 4:42 PM
How about Categories in the KB - can I restrict this person to "own" a category and add articles there only? - Ward Durossette Tue 3/31/20 4:43 PM
Do they have both TDNext app access and the client portal Security Role permission to "View Knowledge Base" currently? If no, add whichever of the two is still needed. If yes, have them sign out of TDX and back in then check once more. - Mark Sayers Tue 3/31/20 4:44 PM
RE categories: no unfortunately not exactly. You can restrict visibility of categories and that might work. But if you give anyone the permission to view all articles then any restrictions are overruled by that permission. - Mark Sayers Tue 3/31/20 4:45 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 8/9/17 12:19 PM

You should be able to give you Student Technician security role additional KB-related permissions, such as "Review Articles". To do so, go to TDAdmin > Users & Roles > Security Roles and edit the necessary security role for the user in question. Scroll to the Knowledge Base section and check the Review Articles box. This, of course, may be restricted by license type but your Student Tech licenses should be okay.

In regards to workspaces, in this same section of Admin (all the way down to the bottom) there is an "Add Workspaces" permission.

I hope that helps,


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