Does the PPM tool support typical project management layers?

Does the PPM tool support typical project management layers such as projects that roll up to programs (or sub programs) that roll up into Porfolios (or sub portfolios)? I haven't been able to find anything regarding programs poking around the tool.

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Asked by Tina Alfaro on Thu 7/13/17 2:28 PM
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John Borwick Thu 7/13/17 3:27 PM Last edited Thu 7/13/17 3:28 PM


One common way to track and manage programs is via TDNext > Analysis > Portfolios. Although they're called "Portfolios" in the tool, these records can be used to track the program. Typically I also add another project to the program called "<<Program>> Administration", e.g. "ERP Program Administration," so that I can track program-level artifacts such as the program charter.

Two ways to track portfolios areeither via TDNext > Analysis > Portfolios, or alternatively via type categories. Since portfolios tend to be "timeless," type categories for reporting are often a useful way to tag the projects and project requests within a certain portfolio.

TDNext > Analysis > Porfolios can be used in other ways, e.g. to tag certain projects, as multiple "Portfolio" records can be attached to the same project.

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