What is search in the KB search in TDNext?

When creating tickets via TDNext there is a KB Search in the upper right corner of the form.  I was under the impression, based on a Question response I found, that this would search all KBs.

"EDIT: As of version 9.0, there will now be a search box at the top-right of the New Ticket page that will allow you to search the KB as a whole from the ticket creation page rather than just showing the limited list of articles associated to the service. This search box will only appear if you have access to the KB application and the KB Article field is available on the ticketing form (this part is only a concern if you are utilizing custom internal forms). "

When we use this box it only delivers Approved articles but not Submitted articles.  We have checked VIEW ALL ARTICLES in Users & Roles > Security Roles so that isn't the issue.  How can we set that box to search ALL KB articles?  We'd love it to search Not Submitted as well but I'll take Submitted.  We need this as we are implementing KCS and it's important that all articles be viewable and usable.

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Asked by Mendi Benigni on Thu 7/13/17 10:59 AM
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Matt Sayers Thu 7/13/17 1:32 PM

Hi Mendi,

Your assessment is correct. At this time the KB search from the ticket creation page will only include articles which have been approved. There is no way to make this search include Submitted or Not Submitted articles. This is also how the KB article lookup functions when editing an existing ticket or using the KB lookup in the creation page (if you include this as a field in your form).

The idea behind this is that many articles may be in a non-approved state and thus not ready for general usage. This may mean that nobody has reviewed them and the information is verified as correct. If you would like to see more options around this I would encourage you to enter a feature request for this behavior so that product management is aware of this need.

If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know.

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