Identifying KB Articles with Feedback

We are implementing KCS and part of that methodology is the concept of "Fix it/Flag it" where knowledge workers flag a KB article with suggested changes or modifications to make it better or to update it if it's incorrect.  This Flag It portion is critical to keeping the KB articles updated.  We are new to TDX so I may be missing something but we are using the FEEDBACK (Thumbs up/Thumbs down) area to Flag an article with changes.  We chose this because the owner of the article gets a notification when this area is used.  The problem happens when the "owner" is no longer with the organization.  

  • How can we know what articles have received feedback during a given period of time?  I tried the reports but it doesn't look like feedback is something I can report on.  
  • How are other people handling this scenario?  
  • Even if you aren't doing KCS, how are you keeping track of article feedback on a regular basis to make sure that feedback has been addressed?



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Asked by Mendi Benigni on Mon 7/10/17 7:41 PM Last edited Mon 7/10/17 7:41 PM
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Aaron Crane Wed 7/12/17 7:53 PM

Hi Mendi,

The best way to address feedback is to go to the Client Portal > Knowledge Base > Feedback. From here you can view article feedback, both helpful and non-helpful, and mark feedback as addressed. Please note, you'll need the Address Feedback permission to perform this step. This can be found in TDAdmin > Users & Roles > Security Roles under the Knowledge Base section of your user's security role.

I hope that helps. Thanks!

Aaron Crane

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Karen Compton Fri 12/8/17 3:22 PM

It would be helpful if it were possible to report on feedback. Owners don't always set the "notify" box, or they may no longer be with the organization, or they may not bring it to the attention of anyone (if someone else needs to know). It would be nice to either have a setting to optionally notify a particular person or persons of ALL feedback, or have it be reportable so that one doesn't have to remember to go looking for feedback.

Thanks for considering.


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I agree. I think this sound be a reportable feature. We have not been checking our feedback on a regular basis and a user found where a faculty member added a students name, email and ID within the feedback. So potentially 200+ users have access to this students information.
Vanessa Maulden
Troy University
- Vanessa Maulden Fri 11/9/18 5:14 PM