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I am trying to create collapsible content in a knowledge base article and it appears that the following HTML attributes are being stripped on rendering the article: data-toggle and id. 

Per this article: , it does not state that any HTML attributes are being filtered. Is this expected behavior? It would be really helpful to atleast have data-toggle available. Then you can use CSS classes to target items to collapse. 

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Asked by Ryan McVicar on Fri 4/28/17 10:53 AM
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Matt Sayers Fri 4/28/17 11:04 AM

Hi Ryan,

The HTML editor for rich content does sanitize data with a whitelist of attributes as you are have discovered. The current list of data attributes allowed are:

  • data-slide-to
  • data-ride
  • data-slide
  • data-target
  • data-interval

Unfortunately this is not enough to do things like a Bootstrap accordion or collapsible panel at this time. We do have feature requests in to add the data-toggle attribute specifically but I don't have a timeline on when that will get roadmapped as of yet. I would be happy to add you as +1 on that ticket if you would like though.

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Lucas Friedrichsen Mon 12/11/17 4:35 PM

Negative, we have a related question for this functionality in the Service Catalog. I will submit a new question.

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Matt Sayers Mon 12/11/17 4:27 PM

Hi Lucas,

The data-toggle attribute was actually whitelisted in a maintenance release back on 5/27/17. Was that everything you needed for a +1 or did you need something else?

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Lucas Friedrichsen Mon 12/11/17 4:20 PM


We would like to be a +1 on the feature request. When you do that, that shows up as a ticket for our organization, correct?


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